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Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us any time you like 24 hours a day at 210 – 6620020 or 6983196866. Alternatively, you can fill in the form in the site with your phone and we will call you as soon as possible.
You can also, if you wish, visit us anytime you want, if you are near our area. In any case, we will serve you directly and effectively.


The services that we can offer are many and serve many different purposes. You can look at our services section to see what we offer. In summary, our services are:

– Parking your vehicle in a closed or open parking area, at your wishes.

– Have your vehicle secured throughout your absence by experienced staff.

– Continuous video monitoring from high resolution cameras.

– Provision of accessories (car hood, child seat etc.).

– Washing and cleaning your vehicle if you wish.

– Facilitate people with mobility difficulties.

– Transfer to and from the airport by special transport van from a professional driver upon your arrival and your departure.

– Provide a guarantee that the vehicle will be in the same condition as you delivered it to us.

– Emergency assistance (e.g. tire inflation, battery charging, etc.).

– Support and assist you in browsing the site and completing on-line booking form if you wish.

– General mechanical inspection of your vehicle if you wish to do so.

– Valet service – pick up and/or delivery of your vehicle from/to the Airport, at extra cost, if you wish.

If any problem is encountered during your visit to our parking, it is advisable to let us know if this fact affects in any way the proper operation and / or visit of your vehicle on our premises.

For example, if during your transition you find that a tire loses air, then it is advisable to let us know so that we can offer you a solution, so you can travel peacefully and at the same time offer your vehicle the help it needs. In any case, in the situation you deliver your vehicle to our parking, in the same situation you will receive it.

As you enter our parking, your vehicle is photographed by high resolution cameras thoroughly, which have been placed after a special study for that very purpose.
As a result, any damage or scratch, even those that are not easily visible, are recorded, thus creating your vehicle’s profile. In addition, we note down the number of kilometers traveled on your vehicle when you arrive at our parking and provide you with a rough proof that your vehicle will be stationery in our parking. In addition, in the receipt you receive, we can note down the items that you will leave in your vehicle, if you wish us to do so

Since our basic desire is for you to feel completely confident and secure, we let you choose whatever service suits your needs and what combination you want. In the framework of this policy, it is in your jurisdiction to decide whether or not you will keep the keys of your vehicle. However, if you want your vehicle to be washed and cleaned, then you will have to trust us the key

Yes. However, to avoid any inconvenience, it is advisable to inform us at least 24 hours before your arrival about the type of vehicle you wish to leave at our premises

Yes. We provide assistance and proper parking space and during transportation to and from the airport, we ensure that we use suitable equipment and always with a special escort of trained personnel for such special occasions

Our main concern is the absolute and essential satisfaction of our customer. That is why we undertake parking of corporate cars on any number requested

You can leave it for 10 minutes and for as long as you want. For long periods of time, we provide separate and special services, as well as separate charges

Transportation of passengers and luggage is supported 24 hours a day directly

Yes. In such exceptional cases, if you inform us, we undertake to provide you with the vehicle refueling service

All the parking spaces we provide are on a specially made and shaped asphalt flooring. In addition, the company’s development plan is to advance our services and facilities to constantly improve the quality of parking you receive.