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About us

Airpark and its personnel welcome you to our website. Our goal is to provide you with a whole range of services while serving at many different levels, but always in the framework of better design, realization and management of parking of your vehicle during your travels.
We invite you to make a first tour to our website, find out all the services that we can provide you, to see our facilities, to solve any questions that may arise, and to see our prices, Special offers that we announce regularly, the special packages we offer, which you can also create through our website. In addition, you can make an on-line booking of a parking space and you can have many more online services, since our website is updated, enriched and upgraded continuously.
We do not just offer a simple parking space but we provide a full range of services that comply with our main task, which is nothing more than providing you with a full coverage for your vehicle for the entire period you trust it to our parking.
Our staff is composed of skilled and experienced people that each one has a unique role and we are 24 hours a day at your disposal for whatever you need. In addition, we offer additional assistance to any emergencies that may occur, within the framework of our professional duty and good cooperation, and we make every effort to be in the first position in which we are today.
Because many can offer a parking space. But we love our work, we are dealing exclusively with it and we can provide much more than that. Our customers are our best partners. And that’s what makes us known to everyone who trusts us.
We thank you for your preference and, in return, we assure you that we will always upgrade our services, we will always exhaust every chance to meet your needs and requirements, and we will always be there for anything you need.
Do not hesitate to contact us anytime you want and to answer any questions you may have. You can also visit us and see our facilities so that we have a first chance to meet you and enlighten to you that taking care of your vehicle is our own passion.