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Terms & Conditions

When a parking place is booked within the web site via, a direct contract is automatically concluded betweent the User and the company named AIRPARK, based in Koropi, Attiki, PC. 194 00, with VAT ID 115651287 and Tax Code Of Koropi. Any confirmed booking, as described in the Booking Confirmation Email, is a contract between the User and AIRPARK. Once the booking is confirmed, the Company undertakes to provide the User with parking within the Passenger Vehicle Parking Space for the specified period and within that parking area selected by the User. The reservation does not bind to a specific parking space. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to, or call +30 210 6620020 or +306983196866, 24 hours a day.

1.2. Contracting Parties and Clarifications
In these General and Special Terms, any reference to a “plural person(s)” means any person considered by AIRPARK to have booked a parking space. The term “Parking Duration” means the time and, in general, the duration of the required or requested by the User or the minimum required parking of the vehicle, within any of the parking areas selected by the user, beginning at the date and time of entry and ending at the exit date and time, as described in the on-line parking booking service.
The term “Administrator” means the company “AIRPARK.”
The term “Booking Confirmation Email” means the e-mail message send to you by AIRPARK that confirms all the details of your booking. The term “Damage” includes death or injury suffered by users and third parties in the Vehicle Parking Space, partial or total loss of property, partial or total devastation of Vehicle, partial or total theft of the Vehicle, partial or total theft of property / assets located inside the vehicle, or any other damage / loss, material or not, caused by users and / or third parties, and / or to users and / or to third parties, or is associated with the condition of the vehicle or vehicles, or is related generally with the use of the Vehicle Parking Space of AIRPARK and parking therein. The term “Vehicle” means any vehicle that enters and is parked in Passenger Car Parking and includes motorized wheeled vehicles together with their equipment and accessories.
The term “Third Party” means any legal or natural person who is an employee, visitor, passenger, and third person in the parking area and is in any case within AIRPARK Passenger Car Parking.
The term “Passenger Car Parking” means the car park of short or long duration.
The term “User” means the legal or physical person who has booked a parking place via AIRPARK’s web site ( within the Passenger Car Parking Area, or in any other way.

1.3. Responsibility
AIRPARK shall be liable only in the event of any damage caused within the Passenger Car Parking Area during the parking of the vehicle and if the owner or driver of the vehicle has not caused the above-mentioned damage in any way. In all other cases and in any other case of damage, the terms mentioned in General and Special Clause 2.2 of
this Agreement apply. No provision of these general and special terms affects your statutory rights. General and Special Passenger Parking Terms and Conditions apply to all Passenger Car Parking areas and govern the parking of your vehicle, whether booked or not. AIRPARK reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and at any time, to amend these General and Special Terms and Conditions. However, once you have made an online booking, the General and Special Terms are the ones that apply and govern your reservation at the time of booking. Though, Users should not consider that the General and Special Terms and Conditions applicable in one case will continue to apply in other cases. Users will be deemed to have read and have full knowledge of all General and Special Terms before making any reservation. AIRPARK may alter or withdraw any offers in its sole discretion and always without a notice. With this agreement, AIRPARK provides each User with vehicle parking services and will not be responsible for any costs, compensation or costs associated with flights or other services. Each User is solely and always responsible for securing, arranging, having sufficient time to park his/her vehicle in time for any travel he or she is about to make, as well as any other travel arrangements.

1.4. Force Majeure
AIRPARK shall not be liable for any cancellation caused by:
· War (declared or not), invasion, revolution, armed conflict or alien enemy action that in any case directly or indirectly affects the Hellenic Republic
· Revolution, revolt, strike or other political turmoil, terrorism or sabotage, in any case within the limits of the Hellenic Republic
· Nuclear explosion, chemical or radioactive or ionizing radiation or contamination.
· Any influence of nature, including lightning, fires, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, storms, cyclones, hurricanes or wind turbines
· Any technical problems in the transportation means, closure or congestion of airports, cancellations or alterations by airlines, suspension of operations of the Airport and / or Passenger Vehicle Parking areas due to an emergency and any similar event outside the sphere of influence of AIRPARK.
· Explosion (other than a nuclear explosion or explosion caused by warfare)
· Epidemy or plague

1.5. Right of AIRPARK to Cancel or Provide an Alternative Vehicle Parking Space
AIRPARK reserves the right, if it is unable for any reason to provide vehicle parking services, to cancel the contract or to provide a corresponding alternative parking space at its sole discretion. In this case, AIRPARK will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible. In the event of cancellation of the contract by AIRPARK, the User will not be charged for the reservation and AIRPARK will not be liable for any other costs that may incur because of this failure.

1.6. Privacy
All the data obtained with the reservation of a vehicle parking position you make, will not be used for any purpose other than processing of the User’s request, and will not be disclosed to third parties. Processing of personal data is only allowed when the User has given his / her consent.

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1.7. Law – Disputes and Advocacy
Any agreement-contract between you and AIRPARK, either through the website ( or through third parties (e.g. Air Tickets, Aegean), is governed by and / or is interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Hellenic Republic. Every effort shall be made to resolve any dispute arising by this Agreement and to resolve it in a friendly manner. If such settlement is not possible, within fifteen (15) calendar days of written notice
of such dispute, the dispute will be brought before the Athens Courts expressly agreed to have exclusive jurisdiction.

1.8. Various Provisions
AIRPARK reserves its sole and unrestricted right, to amend at any time any of these General and Special Terms. The latest version of the General and Special Terms will be published on its website (

2.1. Use of Passenger Car Parking

2.1.1. The Company offers Passenger Car Parking spaces at the disposal of the Users solely for the parking of their Vehicles. Therefore, within Passenger Car Parking spaces only Car Parking Services are provided to Users. The User before leaving the Passenger Car Parking Area must ensure that: All the windows of his Vehicle are insured, There is no other person or animal left in the vehicle, The User’s personal items are located within its Vehicle’s
storage areas and are not visible to third parties.

2.2. Damage of User Vehicle, of Other Vehicle or of Foreign Property within Passenger Car Parking

2.2.1. If the User causes any Damage to another Vehicle or to third person or to Passenger Vehicle Parking Area during the use of the Passenger Car Parking Area, the User should take the following actions: To notify any member of the Administrator’s staff about the event within the same day so that the relevant event report is filled in by the staff of the Administrator, Directly notify the Police, Notify the User’s insurance company as soon as possible, Especially if the User causes Damage to the premises of the Passenger Car Parking, he/she must fully compensate the Company for the damage and to restore any such Damage. In the event that the User causes Damage to another Vehicle or to a third party’s property, he/she shall compensate the third party in full for the Damage and to completely restore of any such Damage or to compensate the Company in the event that the Company is obliged to compensate that third party.

2.3. Safety in Passenger Car Parking
The User is obliged to:
2.3.1. Carefully drive his/her vehicle within Passenger Car Parking and fully adhere to speed limits,
2.3.2. Park his/her Vehicle solely within the hatched positions of the Passenger Car Parking Area and to comply fully with the Regulatory and Informational Marking,
2.3.3. Comply fully with the Regulatory and Information Labels for the Arrangement of Vehicles within the Passenger Car Parking Area,
2.3.4. In the case where the User accompanies minors within Passenger Car Parking, he/she must have them under his constant supervision,
2.3.5. Pay proper attention and be protected by Vehicles on the move within Passenger Vehicle Parking Areas,
2.3.6. In the case where the User accompanies animals, within the Passenger Car Parking Area, they must be tied with a leash when not in the Vehicle.

2.4. Activities That Are Prohibited
2.4.1. No Vehicle will be towed within Passenger Vehicle Parking Areas or will enter it in any other way except using its own mechanical strength.
2.4.2. Users of Passenger Vehicle Parking Areas are forbidden to perform any work, repairs, maintenance or washing of their Vehicles during their stay in the parking area.
2.4.3. No activity associated with the sale, rental or other disposal of the Vehicle will take place within the Passenger Car Parking.
2.4.4. It is strictly forbidden to park outside the hatched areas, as well as to obstruct, from the vehicles, the traffic lanes within the Passenger Car Parking.
2.4.5. The User will not, in the use of the Passenger Car Parking, take action that may disrupt the safe and secure operation or cause any problem to the Operator or any other User within the Passenger Car Parking.
2.4.6. The User shall not unnecessarily emit noise or unjustifiable combustion gases within the Passenger Car Parking Area.
2.4.7. The User shall not dispose of waste of any kind within the Passenger Vehicle Parking Area except in special containers intended for this purpose.
2.4.8. The User will not refuel his Vehicle, nor will he/she transport fuel within the Passenger Car Parking.

3.1. Reservation / Payment
Parking reservation can be made electronically via the AIRPARK web site at Reservation can only be made for one parking space at a time. When making a reservation, the User must set the desired parking duration and choose the parking space. Booking of parking spaces must be made no later than 1 hour before the parking time is required. The reservation made by the User is not transferable to a third party and is only valid for the specific dates and times, the price and the parking space specified in the booking. In order to use the parking space you have booked, you must:
– Follow the instructions in the Booking Confirmation Email,
– Use the vehicle with the nameplate mentioned in your reservation, making sure the plate is clean, free of damages and not hidden in any way, When you are in the parking area where you have booked a parking place, you should follow the following procedure:
At your entrance:
– Your vehicle is automatically recognized at the entrance if you use the vehicle with the registration number you have entered in your reservation.
– Please keep your ticket for as long as your vehicle stays in the AIRPARK parking area.
I) If your Vehicle’s Parking Period is the same as the one set in the Booking Confirmation Email you received, you will be charged the booking fee specified in the booking confirmation e-mail.
(Ii) If your Vehicle’s Parking Time exceeds the duration specified in the Reserved Booking Confirmation Email (Longer Stay), you will be charged for the additional parking time according to the applicable Parking Booking Price List.
Iii) If your Vehicle’s Parking Period is shorter than the duration specified in the Booking Confirmation Email you have received (shorter duration of stay), you will be charged the equivalent for the actual parking time of your vehicle according to the applicable pricelist Parking place reservation.
Iv) If you do not use the parking space (nonshow), you will not be charged.

3.2. Cancellations or Changes of Parking Reservations
Extension of the Parking Period for which you have booked can only be made if parking spaces are available for the entire period you wish to park your Vehicle. In the event of an extended booking, your reservation will be treated as a new booking. The billing rates for the new booking will be based on the parking spaces and products available at that time and may differ from those provided when you made your original booking. A User who has made an online booking with a certain price and then wishes to extend the duration of this reservation may, with the new booking, receive a different offer from the original price given to him/her. There is no extra charge for changing or canceling an online booking. In case of cancellation or change of your non-prepaid reservation, a formal notice of such cancellation or change will be send to the email address you stated during the booking process.

4.1. Change of General and Special Terms
The Company reserves the right to modify the General & Special Terms
4.2. Acceptance of General and Special Terms
The User of Passenger Vehicle Parking Space is required to comply strictly with the General and Specific Terms. The User, through his / her entry to Passenger Vehicle Parking Space, accepts fully and unconditionally the General and Specific Terms.