With every booking we provide free amateur car wash!

Welcome !

Airpark and its personnel welcome you to our website. Our goal is to provide you with a whole range of services while serving at many different levels, but always in the framework of better design, realization and management of parking of your vehicle during your travels.
We invite you to make a first tour to our website, find out all the services that we can provide you, to see our facilities, to solve any questions that may arise, and to see our prices, Special offers that we announce regularly, the special packages we offer, which you can also create through our website. In addition, you can make an on-line booking of a parking space and you can have many more online services, since our website is updated, enriched and upgraded continuously.
We do not just offer a simple parking space but we provide a full range of services that comply with our main task, which is nothing more than providing you with a full coverage for your vehicle for the entire period you trust it to our parking.

Eleftherios Venizelos Airport parking

Airpark offers you the most economical, comfortable and fast way to get to and from the airport.

In Airpark we offer immediate transportation to and from the airport without delays 24 hours per day with our mini vans. All you must do is to come with your vehicle to the Airpark and we take you with our mini vans to the airport in 5 minutes and transport you outside of the gate that your airport company has its check-in procedures. At your return respectively, you call us after you have taken your luggage to tell us the number of the exit door that you are and within 5 minutes there will be a mini van to pick you up and take you to the Airpark facilities to take your car.

At the Airpark we offer free amateur car wash from the first day of parking (it includes outside wash manually and in the inside sweep of car floor mats and dust off the dashboard of the car.

Our facilities are asphalted and fenced all around, there are parking places with shelters for sun protection of the cars as you can see in the photo gallery of the parking. In our building facilities there is also the opportunity to have your car or bike parked in a closed covered parking.

In Airpark there is protection of your vehicle all through your trip, we have a closed system of surveillance with video cameras, and a civil liability contract that covers the vehicles in case of theft, fire or any damage that might occur. Your vehicle is photographed externally by our personnel as soon as you arrive at the parking.

We also offer a valet service – take and/or deliver your car at and/or to the airport with an extra charge for anyone that is interested in this service, after we have agreed to it.

In Airpark we aid to minor problems that could occur (inflation of a flat tire, charge a battery etc.) plus a general mechanical control if any customer wants. We also offer car accessories (car hood for use in the parking is charged with 5 euros or child seat for the transportation of young children).



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