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Airpark Company and staff welcome you to our website. Our aim is to provide you with a whole range of services, serving at the same time on many and different levels, but always within the framework of the best design, realization and management of parking and keeping your vehicle, during your travels.

We provide a full range of services, which complement our main task, which is to provide you with a complete coverage for your vehicle, for the entire time you entrust it to us.

Our staff consists of specialized and experienced people who each have their own distinct role and who are at your disposal 24 hours a day for anything you need.

In addition, we offer additional assistance in any emergency that may arise, within the framework of our professional duty and good cooperation, and we make every effort to be in the 1st place we are today.

Because many can offer a parking space. But we love our work, we are dedicated to it and we are able to provide you with much more than that. And because our simplest customer is our best partner. And this is what makes us known to all who trust us.

We thank you for your preference and, in return, we assure you that we will always upgrade our services, we will always exhaust every possibility to satisfy your needs and requirements, and we will always be by your side for anything you need.

Δείτε στιγμιότυπα από το χώρο μας.


What our clients say

ΑΝΝΑ Κ. 13/07/2017

I personally strongly recommend you use this parking, not only because their rates are very good but because I experienced a problem with my car during my arrival at the parking lot and the employees did everything humanly possible to help me. And I do not forget that

Nikos L. 02/04/2017

What really impressed me was the impeccable service of the staff. Both during the delivery and upon receipt of my car the politeness of the lady who served me was exemplary and provided me with all the information I asked

Aris L. 01/06/2017

We, as a company, prefer service from this business because they provide much more than a simple parking space. They pick up our vehicles from the airport, deliver them to the airport and at the time we ask for them to be delivered, and whatever we need, they always have it at our disposal, ready for use the moment we request it. Their services are exemplary

Sotiris K. 17/06/2017

I am impressed not only for the services they provide, since I could find some of these services at other similar businesses, but their discretion and professionalism is unique. Their drivers have a real driving education. On the way to the airport, we were very close to another car without the company’s driver being blamed, and yet he apologized, without any trace of justice that we all impose daily on the streets with our own our measures. The driver’s reaction was impeccable and, indeed, for seminars!